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Admiral Carey Family Ancestry

Admiral Carey spent over 20 years of research on his family ancestry. His original goal was to try to go back to his Great Grandparents in both his Paternal Lines of Carey and Ryan and his Maternal Lines of Harrison and McGregor. In fact, he got further back than that in all these lines and has visited his homeland areas in Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and both New York and Wisconsin in the USA. His secondary mission was to leave an easily accessible record of the family history database he compiled so that all of his descendents, relatives, and anyone else researching his family or their history would have a reasonably accurate record available that would be several magnitudes and more than he had when he began this quest, and thus save them years of effort and frustration in learning just "who they are and where they came from". Another goal was to ensure his children and grandchildren would never have to spend the tremendous amounts of time and labor and money that he did to determine their ancestral heritage. As of 2007, he declared this project "completed", at least to the degree that he felt he could ever approach completion, and while he still adds to and changes the database when errors are discovered or additional ancestral lines are refined, he has now moved on to focus on his foundation, The Admiral James J. Carey Foundation, which may be viewed at The URL for the internet family history database on the Admiral's ancestral lines is:

For the booklet on the 150th Anniversary of the Town of Poy Sippi, WI, my Mother's "hometown", Click Here.

GONYO Family History

A booklet covering the GONYO Family History, put together by members of that family, can be viewed by clicking HERE. The Gonyo Family has several links to the Carey Family on both my Father AND Mother's sides, given that my Grandfather's Brother Richard Carey married Clara Gonyo in Berlin, WI in 1850 [well, actually, at St. Patricks Church in Ripon, WI], and also Gonyo descendents married into the Beaman Family where Bernard Beaman then married my Cousin Barbara Kettlewell, daughter of my Mother's Sister Helen Harrison Kettlewell. It's an interesting book that covers the GONYO linkages and their family history from their emigration from France to America and later Wisconsin and the role they played in the history of the Green Lake & Waushara County areas there. I well remember my parents belonging to a "Card Club" and playing cards with Claire and Mabel Beaman, so I have a personal linkage to this history, and even found the name of a girl I used to date in Berlin High School and take swimming at Pearl Lake in Wisconsin. As it turned out, I was much more interested in her than she was of me.


Jim's Aunt Madeline, Nickname "Maddy", was a career elementary school teacher in Berlin, WI, with a great love of music. She taught in that school system for 30 years, from the 1920's to the 1950's, and was highly thought of by the Berlin Schools and her fellow teachers, to the degree that they established a scholarship in her name after she died in 1959. In recent years, a Memorial Tree has been planted in her memory and honor; it is located on the Southeast corner of the Nathan Strong Park, bordering on Huron Street in Berlin.

Carey Family Home in Berlin, WI: 1873 - 1882

In that era of our family history when the family was doing exceptionally well in the cranberry business, they lived in a beautiful Victorian home at 217 East Park Avenue in Berlin, WI. The house borders on the main city park, Nathan Strong Park, named after the founder of the City of Berlin [originally called Strong's Landing]. It was occupied by my Grandparents on my Dad's side; James Joseph Carey and Mary Ryan Carey. Two of their children: C. James Carey and Florence Carey, were born in this home. There are "flowering trees" planted in Nathan Strong Park in honor of my Grandparents: James Joseph Carey and Mary Ryan Carey, and my Father: Sergeant Robert Emmett Carey, all identified with memorial plaques. For a photo of this home, Click here The home is now a "bed & breakfast" in Berlin, WI and I am hopeful members of our family will stay there if the opportunity arises, and take a walk in the park to view the trees and memorial plaques cited above.

Memorial Trees Honoring World War One Military Service of
Sergeant Robert Emmett Carey and Corporal John Eugene Carey

My Father, Sgt. Robert Emmett Carey, and my Uncle, Corporal John Eugene Carey, both served in France in World War One. And with the U.S. Congress having authorized a United States of America World War One 100th Anniversary Commemorative Commission [the USA entered into WW I in 1917 whereas Europe began fighting in 1914 and thus there are European 100th Anniversary commemorative efforts that have been taking place since 2014]. Further details on the USA efforts are available on the Commission's website which can be viewed at the following URL: and additional information regarding the National World War One Centennial Memorial Tree Planting Program can be found at the Saving Hallowed Ground website:!ww1-centennial-memorial-tree-planting/tcltl

In recognition of my Dad & Uncle's military service in "The Great War", I decided to have Memorial Trees planted in their honor on the grounds of the VFW Post in Berlin, WI, where both were Charter Founding Members following World War One. For those who'd like to visit these Memorial Trees and pay your respects, the VFW Post Clubhouse is located at 420 N. Wisconsin Street in Berlin---- as you face the clubhouse from Wisconsin Street, they are to the left of the grounds about 30 yards from the parking lot and to the left of the cannon centered on the front lawn. If you're unable to travel to Berlin but would like to see the plaques, just click here to look at them.

Click HERE to view the trees and plaques.

Click HERE for the Newspaper Article RE: The Memorial Tree Plantings


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